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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Wednesday Night at Maenol

The threat of thundery downpours prompted me to use the small Skinner trap once more, with a 20W actinic lamp, and it was a worthwhile exercise with over 200 moths of 50 species recorded.  Of course, the numbers were boosted by large numbers of H&D with a good few LYUs as well, but it was especially pleasing to see two species not previously recorded here, namely Small Yellow Wave and the Crambid Anania lancealis:

Two FFYs which are always pleasing to see were Green Arches (5) and Double Line (6):

Others worthy of note were Common Emerald, Barred Straw, Grey Arches, Clay, Marbled White-spot, and Rusty-dot Pearl.


  1. Thank you Steve. I suspect that like me you get special pleasure in seeing a species that you haven't had before. Two in one night is a rare event!

  2. What a good night Chris. I hope the two 'firsts for you' make there way over here! I am thinking of getting another trap as the mercury one I have uses too much power (we run on renewables so I can rarely use). Can you let me know where you got your Skinner and the type. It sounds as if it works well!

  3. Sally, the trap is a 'Compact Skinner' from Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies (, I bought it 2 years ago and it get used a lot because it's so easy to set up. Not cheap though, the 20W version is £160 + VAT I think. Paul Batty supplies a Skinner with actinic electrics which is much cheaper (£120) but it's a larger box and therefore heavier than the compact one. Paul is very helpful, he might be able to supply a smaller version ( I hope that all this helps!

  4. Brilliant, thanks Chris. I get my bulbs from Paul so will contact him.