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Monday, 15 June 2020

Cream-bordered Green Pea and a new Micro in Burry Port

When I first saw this moth, the Orange border at the rear of the forewing made me think of Green Silverline. However this moth was not big enough and lacked silver lines.

It's clearly a slightly battered Cream-bordered Green Pea.
Also present was a tiny micro, I wondered if it was Argyresthia cupresella - not on the Carmarthenshire list. It's a north American import to Europe. Any ideas?


  1. It looks good for A.cupressella judging from published images, Adam. If so it's a nice record. Have you thought of trying a Facebook Group for i.d. support? I post on the UK Micro Moth Identification group, the response is usually very prompt.

  2. It is cupressella which is actually already known from SE Carms.
    Nice to see the CB GP!
    Well done - and nice photos too.

  3. Welcome to the south west Wales Cream-bordered Green Pea club! I had one this morning (in Pembs, near Dale), which is my second, the first being in 2017.