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Friday, 8 May 2020

Tawny Shears in Burry Port

I had another small but varied trap with several firsts for the year including Treble Lines, White Pinion Spotted, Yellow Belle and Flame Shoulder.
I also spent some time puzzling over this noctuid:
At last the black arrows on the outer cross line, the dart, the clarity of the markings and the pattern on the head, persuaded me this is Tawny Shears - a lifer for me. I am happy to be put right if I've made an error.
I hoped to present pictures of some of my FFYs, but only the Flame Shoulder obliged. 
 Not rare, but a handsome creature.


  1. That looks like a tawny shears Adam - really well done and confirmation of its continued coastal existence in Carmarthenshire. A biology teacher at the then Burry Port Secondary School - Mrs Chrystal Roberts recorded this species in the 1970s at Burry Port (though it does not appear in the latest moth atlas) and Barry Stewart is currently rearing larvae which he`s pretty sure is this moth from Burry Port, collected in Silene seed heads last year but you have `pipped him at the post (unless his moths have emerged in the last few days).
    An excellent record, Adam.

  2. Thanks Ian - I noticed it in pink on the recording sheet! They seem to occur around Rhandirmwyn - I saw that Jane had one earlier this year.