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Friday, 8 May 2020

Not a Night for Noctuids

First outing for the Robinson trap in MV mode last night, but it didn't impress the local noctuids, the only representatives of this family among the 70-odd moths recorded were 4 Hebrew Characters and 2 Pale-shouldered Brocades (FFY).  Other firsts were a White-spotted Pug, White-pinion Spotted, Clouded Silver, and a White Ermine. 

                                                                 White-spotted Pug

Micros were plentiful, most of them tiny grey/white jobs which I believe are Elachista spp., but I have come to terms with the fact that because of eyesight and photographic deficiencies I am not able to identify the species, so have given up trying.  Since many Elachistas are grassland species their abundance hereabouts is not surprising.  Three species that I was able to identify were Pseudoswammerdamia combinella. the Gelechid Scrobipalpa costella, and Bee Moth.

                 P. combinella                                      S. costella

Two other well-marked albeit tiny moths I'm less sure about:

                                          Phyllonorycter sp.

P. nicellii or P. trifasciella are possibilities judging by the published images and the abundance of their respective food plants (hazel and honeysuckle) close to the trapping site.

                  Parornix sp., probably needs dissection to identify

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