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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Micro moths on Germander Speedwell

I have been working in our new burial fields where we have several large patches of Germander Speedwell. Recently I have been checking this species for the micro Cauchas fibulella. I have not yet found this but there are hundreds of the common Cocksfoot micro moth on the plants. Interesingly there are lots of buttercups too in the area but I have seen none of these micros yet on these.


  1. I regularly check my Speedwells for C. fibulella ever since Sam suggested it several years ago but I haven't seen one yet. Keep looking Sally, I certainly will!

  2. Keep on checking Sally - your local ones may not have quite emerged yet. I`ve only had it twice (at the same site - Mynydd Llangyndeyrn) and only in single numbers of individuals.

  3. I will keep checking ...