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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Maenol last Night

A small 20w Actinic Skinner-type trap was set up almost as an after-thought last night but the impulse was well worthwhile, 31 moths of 23 species turned up.  The highlight was an Alder Kitten, only the second record for this species here, the other being in May 2012.  Also my first Hawkmoth of the year, not as glamorous as Mel's beautiful Lime Hawkmoth but welcome nevertheless.

                  Alder Kitten                                 Poplar Hawkmoth

Also worthy of mention, a well-marked Oak-tree Pug and a Garden Pebble - common enough but a pretty moth often encountered in my polytunnel, probably on account of the huge brassica plant that grew in there last year.

           Garden Pebble                            Oak-tree Pug

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