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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Have I missed something?

The 22 watt actinic in the Robinson trap does not attract too many moths - just 38 in total, but as this comprised 28 species, I was not totally disheartened. I am, however, in something of a quandary, for I have found a moth that looks easy to identify, but that is not listed in the Carms_summary_2016 and furthermore, is not shown for the County in the recently published Atlas of Britain and Ireland's Larger Moths. I would be most grateful for comments - particularly as to the ID of the moth:

I have to say that this looks rather like Dotted Rustic to me. An excellent picture of this species is to be found in Chris Manley's British Moths second edition.

A much more common moth, but a first for me, was the Cork Moth (Nemapogon cloacella) - three of which were flying about the kitchen, and others were outside.