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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Friday Night at Maenol

Quite a nice selection of moths came to my MV on Monday night, nothing spectacular but they included a couple of species that I haven't seen for some time, notably Thistle Ermine and Treble Bar:

Also worthy of mention were Oblique Carpet, and the first Double Dart of the year:

Micros included a spectacular Coleophora sp., I've had these metallic types before, apparently there are five or six of them and it's so frustrating not to be able to name them!  I suspect that this one is probably C.deauratella or C.mayrella:

Two species of Notocelia turned up; the yellow-nosed N.cynosbatella:

and what I believe to be N.trimaculana:

I'm unable to comment on other posts at the moment, but Adam, if you see this and have had no help with your two micros yet, can I suggest Gracillaria syringella for the top one, and Gypsonoma dealbana for the other (possibly!).

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