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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Another (not quite so) early start...

I had left the garden traps out from the previous night, as setting up the traps and sorting out the extension cables etc can be a bit of a palaver at times and last night (30/5) was a repeat performance weather-wise (it was again very warm overnight), but it was n`t a repeat performance moth-wise. As I`ve noticed before, the moth-mix caught can vary on consecutive nights with moths not being re-trapped. It was thus so last night with a nice varied assemblage (c 40+ species or so) that may well have included wanderers from adjacent mixed woodland.
This morning I did n`t get up so early - a more manageable 5.00am start after a good night`s sleep. I`ll probably re-trap tonight - `make hay...`, as they say.
The `nice` mix included alder moth, square spot, puss moth, clay triple lines, privet hawk-moth, eyed hawk-moth, orange footman, yellow-barred brindles, coronet, tawny-barred angle, Freyer`s pugs and waved carpets amongst the macros.

                                                              Above: waved carpet.

There was one micro-moth of particular interest - Teleiodes luculella, an oak-dependent species. Photo below:

                            Above: not uncommon, but always colourful! - Eulia ministrana.

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