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Friday, 10 April 2020

Spring has sprung

The Cnwc MV attracted 193 moths of 40 spp on the night of 9th April: diversity I wouldn’t expect for another week or two. Highlights included 1 Northern Drab (see below), 3 Puss Moth, 1 Lobster, 6 Lunar Marbled Brown, 2 Lesser Swallow, 1 Iron & 1 Pebble Prominents, 4 Frosted Green, 1 Grey Shoulder-knot, 1 Brown Silver-line and 1 Nut-tree Tussock. Also a few Micros, like Schrek and steink. It’s nice to have something to feel excited about. The Puss Moths, Lobster and Iron Prominent are the earliest ever VC44 records, breaking records from 11/4, 14/4 and 11/4/2007 respectively at Tyrwaun.

Clouded and Northern Drabs, the latter is smaller with a very straight costa, acute almost hooked wing tips, and Common Quaker-like large stigmas; its a dark form, so not as obvious as some!

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