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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Some of you will know of "Frits About", an all Wales newsletter on fritillary butterflies, which I compile. For the time being at least, we'll probably not be issuing it as widely, as we don't want to be seen to be encouraging travel just to see or record butterflies. We are however very interested to hear what landowners find on their own land, as this may be a valuable source of trend info. I know at least 20 landowners in Carms who have Marsh Fritillaries, and have contacted them directly. If however, you've never given me your e-mail address but have suitable fields and are interested please get in touch via this page. Photo, incidentally is of a late instar MF caterpillar at a site near Llansadwrn. They are solitary at this lifestage but likely to pupate within next fortnight
or so. With six weeks of warm, dry weather, we might expect to see Marsh Fritillaries on the wing mid May. Do please let us know if you see one on your fields and we can kick off the season. You might also notice Dingy Skipper at moment or even Forester moth later.

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