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Monday, 27 April 2020

Rhandirmwyn moths

The fine weather and duller nights have brought out some good moths for me. On Thursday a Tawny Shears came to the MV along with 27 other species including First for year Brimstone Moth, Alder Kitten, Least Black Arches, Brown Silver Line and Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet.
                                         Tawny Shears/Pod Lover
On Saturday the first Poplar Hawkmoth was resting in the actinic alongside White Ermine, Knot Grass and Ruby Tiger, all firsts for year.
Last night was another bumper night with uncountable numbers of Brindled Pugs coming to the MV. Alongside the usual Quakers and Prominents was my second ever Common Lutestring, also Chinese Characters, the first of the season's Peppered and Nut-tree Tussocks, plus a new moth for me, Orange Footman. A very smart looking little moth.
                                               Orange Footman
Any gardeners amongst you? Look Out! - I also had my first Diamond Back Moth of the year.
Thanks to Ian and Sam for helping me out with Tawny Shears.

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