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Monday, 20 April 2020

Micropterix calthella at Maenol

Even though it's a bit early for them I've been keeping an eye out for Micropterix calthella on the Marsh Marigolds by the pond for the last week or two, just in case the sunny weather brought them out early.  The flowers are on the wane, but a solitary moth had appeared this morning even though it had to face a stiff breeze.

Am I alone in thinking that the Orange-tip butterfly is unusually abundant this year?  There seem to be several in my garden every time I'm out there - which is most of the time in this weather!


  1. Lots of Orange Tip in my garden this year - one of my favourites.

  2. That is an early M calthella record: there are only 3 earlier ones among the 286 records in the database. The earliest was Ian's from 2/4/2019.

  3. My first M. Calthella today too down in Pembs - early, but not as early as last year. Also I agree about the Orange Tips - never seen so many!

  4. Same here with Orange Tips, it was a good year for Lady’s Smock last year perhaps.

    1. Yes, there's plenty of Lady's Smock around, it's particularly abundant in our small orchard. So is the apple blossom just now, I'll be hoping that the apple harvest is as good as it was in 2018!