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Friday, 10 April 2020

Maundy Thursday at Maenol

I thought that I'd done well last night until I read Sam's blog!  Still, we do our best, and 147 moths of 25 species is not a bad return for here at this time of year.  For the first time ever I put an MV trap at the front of the bungalow because the risk of startling passing motorists is minimal just now.

Unsurprisingly the most abundant species was Hebrew Character (34), good numbers of Common and Small Quakers and Water Carpet were also recorded.  First sightings of the year were Frosted Green, Purple Thorn, Lunar marbled Brown, Herald, and this Least Black Arches:

Since the course at FSC Margam which I was due to attend in July has been cancelled, I've decided to spend the money on a Robinson Moth Trap, which is now on order.  I shall be looking forward to setting it up in the front garden in the not-too-distant future.


  1. Well done Chris. The trap will be fired up at Ffairfach tonight, but I'm not expecting to emulate yours and Sam's sucess.

  2. Thanks Steve, it looks as though tonight's conditions might be just as good as last night's. After a day slogging in the garden I don't have the energy to do two nights in a row, us old-timers have to look after ourselves!

  3. Still not much here in Rhandirmwyn, usual culprits plus 4 Lunar Marbled Brown and 2 Frosted Green. I will just keep trying but it’s very disappointing so far.