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Monday, 27 April 2020

Dark-barred Twin Spot Carpet

I've already caught Red-barred Twin Spot Carpet this year and assumed this specimen was the same this morning.
However the bar is a deep, charcoal grey, with a pronounced step where it broadens. There is no prominent white edging to the central bar. The twin-spots are isolated in a chalky white area at the rear of the wing, rather than being in a more colourful area. The underside was a non-descript greyish.
My conclusion is that this is dark-barred - although I would be grateful to be put right.
Below is Red-barred for comparison.


  1. Yes, looks spot on for Dard-barred to me. As you point out the markings in the outer part of the wing are a good feature. Great photos too.

  2. Thank you, good to have a bit of confirmation. And thanks for the positive photo feedback.