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Monday, 13 April 2020

A better night at last

A surprisingly clear night on the 11th, but even so my trusty actinic drew in 113 moths for 25 species. Among the 17 Brindled Beauties and numerous assorted Quakers were a very Pale Blossom Underwing, (previous ones have been darker), and a Grey Birch, only the second that I have seen. Thanks Ian for confirming it. Other FFYs were a Pine Beauty, 2 Puss Moths, a Pale Pinion, an Oak Nycteoline and 2 Square Spots. I had the trap out again last night but the forecast  'Light Breeze' turned into a howling gale and I was forced to take the trap in. And now we have frosts for a few days.....
 Blossom Underwing
Grey Birch