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Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The night of the early greys

It was my first `proper trap` of 2020 last night (24/3) with cloud forecast, but later the skies cleared and it went cold. Consequently, I was not over-optimistic when I approached the actinic trap this morning. Eight species were present, mostly in the 1-3 number range, but early greys excelled with 17 individuals. The `best` moth was a single (rather tatty) pine beauty.
Brimstone butterflies (males) regular all week in my garden, plus peacocks and small tortoiseshells; also my first bee-flies Bombylius major yesterday.


  1. I see your 17 Early Greys and raise you 4 Red-green Carpets, 6 Twin -spotted Quakers, 6 Oak Beauties, 1 Shoulder Stripe, 1 Red Sword-grass and 64 assorted.
    Such a pleasure to stand and sort them out. I almost felt guilty with all that’s going on in the world.
    Stay safe.

  2. Not quite so good at Ffairfach:

    Shoulder Stripe 2
    Water Carpet
    Double Striped Pug 2
    Brindled Beauty
    Dotted Border 2
    Small Quaker 3
    Clouded Drab 2
    Hebrew Character 3
    Caloptilia stigmatella

    Still never seen Pine Beauty - if you could send one here it would be appreciated!

    1. I was thinking of you Steve, but also thinking that you`ll have a better chance at Ffairfach - let`s hope - there are pines near the old Tregyb School.

  3. Looking at my Pugs ,I see I have both Brindled and Double Striped. I’ve only ever had one Pine Beauty, last year, so hopeful for more.
    Very clear and cold already so the trap will stay in tonight,.
    Stay safe