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Friday, 25 October 2019

The Last Two Nights

I've been trying out a new trap, 20W mains actinic, small white Skinner-type box.  Very easy to set up, the plug goes through the letter box to a socket in the hall.  A handful of common seasonal species: Green-brindled Crescent and November Moth types the commonest, Pine Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Feathered Thorn, a few Green- and Red-line Quakers, Red-green Carpet, and several FFY Lunar Underwings.

Not very exciting, but I keep trying!  Not tonight though, very soggy, and the next few days don't sound too promising either.

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  1. Much the same here, very few moths, but to cheer myself up, mothwise, I've booked two FSC courses for next year!