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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Quality not Quantity

Maenol 20-09-2019: Two actinic traps were used last night in conditions which seemed reasonably favourable, albeit breezy.  I was not disappointed, it is not often that I record a macro species new to the site, but I found one in the trap this morning assuming that I've correctly identified it as Marbled Coronet. Sadly though, I haven't!  (See below)  Also nice to see was a Brown-spot Pinion:

               Brindled Green                            Brown-spot Pinion

Others worthy of mention were FFYs Black Rustic, Red-line Quaker, and Pale Mottled Willow.

A few micros turned up, including Acleris rhombana, Eudonia angustea, and Tinea semifulvella with its distinctive orange head and tornal spots:

Two more images of the Brindled Green, pre-release:

Sam has kindly (and discretely) pointed out that my 'Marbled Coronet' is a Brindled Green.  Sorry everyone but I can only go from published images, and these pointed me strongly in favour of the former rather than the latter, even though I would not have expected to get MC here and it's a bit late even for a 2nd generation.  Oh well, we're only human (according to Rag and Bone Man)

P.S. I think that the other ids are probably correct!

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