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Monday, 16 September 2019

Last Night - Better for Moths

             Rusty-dot Pearl x4                           Dark Swordgrass x1

Along with Silver Y x24 these three represented the 'migrants' amongst the 24 species that visited my two traps last night.  None of them raised my levels of excitement to a high pitch, but I keep trying!


  1. I had a solitary Autumnal Rustic, don't think I will bother tonight.

  2. No Jane, I won't either. Red sky building to the west, cold night forecast. But I haven't had an Autumnal Rustic yet, nice moth!

  3. Well done Chris, both for trapping and blogging to keep us updated. I`ve been very busy regarding other matters recently, so my trapping has been only on rare occasions. The S winds on Friday etc may make it worthwhile for all to start trying again. My silver ys have been rare (and no other migrants), though I have had a single autumnal rustic.