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Thursday, 19 September 2019

I like ivy....

A broad flowering clump of ivy in my garden is currently buzzing with drone-flies Eristalis sp. (with a few honey and ivy bees thrown in) and festooned with vanessid butterflies - painted ladies, red admirals and small tortoiseshells. Always worth having in your garden and worth checking for moths at night too.

    `ll have to `click on the pic` to have any chance of spotting any butterflies.

It may be worth considering trapping tonight, Friday or Saturday - pick the best night weather-wise and the one that`s most convenient for you. I`ll do at least one night.


  1. Wonderful Ian! I always had arguments with my ex re ivy. He wanted to cut it off our trees! Thankfully he didn't as it is always teeming with life.

    1. When I was at Pwll, my neighbour - thinking that he was doing me a favour - severely pruned a large flowering clump on a shared wall, thus spoiling the autumn lep bonanza. Be aware that pruned flowering sections of ivy do n`t re-grow and it will take `n` years to get back to flowering condition.

  2. Thanks for the info Ian. I was not aware the pruned flowering sections don't re-grow. I sometim,es need to reduce it on the house walls!