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Friday, 27 September 2019

Faint heart ne'er won fair maiden...

So I've put the trap out tonight. I'm expecting to get 30 or so caddis flies, two or three Sexton beetles, a few daddies, a hornet or two and an Autumnal Rustic, but... but... it might be the night for a ???


  1. I don't think that Albert trapped last night so we can ignore him. I used MV and actinic under cover/semi-cover but pickings were meagre and uninteresting. Lack of follow-up suggests that your ??? didn't arrive, Jane. The weather outlook is very poor tonight so I'm not going to bother.

  2. `Albert` has now been deleted and is now somewhere in outer space...
    The weather is so terrible that it`s not worth trapping. I had a trap out yesterday late evening, but next-to-nothing was appearing so it was taken in. Thursday night`s forecast was (correctly) dire and tonight is worse. We just have to accept that this year`s Moth Night was a total flop...

    1. It's sad, but I can only agree with you, Ian.

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  4. No Daddies, Sexton, Hornets or Autumnal Rustics, or even an exciting ??????. Just FFY Red-line and Yellow-line Quakers, plus Flounced Chestnut.
    I trapped twice over the Moth Night Weekend for a total of 28 moths.
    Having Moth Night so late in the Year was surely a risk , given the unsettled autumn weather over the last few years. With all the hard work and money that goes into it surely spring or summer dates would be better? But then again, what do I know!?

  5. You did well, Jane, my total over 2 nights was 25 moths, 14 species, no FFYs. Your comment about the unfavourble autumn weather trend is spot on, but the NMN organisers are probably looking to record species and numbers at different times of the year, which is understandable.