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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Turning over a new leaf...

Although I have hardly trapped over the last week or so, leaf-mines have kept me occupied. Here is a very small selection of some recorded - I had intended to upload several more photos onto the blog but, for whatever reason, my PC is extraordinarily slow in doing so at the moment.

Above: Stigmella ulmivora mine on Ulmus procera, Llandyry Church. Note the bright apple-green larva which distinguishes it from the more frequent S. leminiscella (which has pale dull yellow larvae). Ulmus procera is one of the upright, suckering small-leaved elms and it is frequent in coastal SE Carmarthenshire.

Above: Stigmella trimaculella on Populus, Llanerch, Llanelli; also subsequently found at Pont Spwdwr, near Kidwelly.

Above: Bucculatrix thoracella at St Peter`s Church, Llanelli - an easily-found leaf mine under lime Tilia leaves.

Other mines of slight interest include Ectoedemia intimella on sallow Salix cinerea, Phyllonorycter strigulatella on grey alder Alnus incana, and frequent Bucculatrix maritima on saltmarsh sea aster Aster tripolium leaves. Also more Stigmella incognitella on Malus (apple) and plenty of Chrysoethia sexguttella on upper saltmarsh Atriplex.

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