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Thursday, 1 August 2019

The Painted Ladies cometh!

I was surprised to find a Painted Lady blundering around in the trap this morning, but grabbed it and put it into the fridge. Then I noticed another specimen on my Buddleia and got out the camera.
I then took an amble around Burry Port, across the field, round the beach and onto the lighthouse. I began seeing Painted Ladies on Buddleia by the old canal, on Ragwort at the west end of Burry Port  field and dozens on Sea Holly on the edge of the beach. At the lighthouse I noticed a few Painted Ladies apparently arriving, into the breeze from the south. In all I counted at least 51individuals.
A phone shot on Sea Holly.


  1. I`ve been down the area between W Pwll and E Burry Port and saw c 50 painted ladies and there were 12 in my front garden this morning.
    A BIG influx, which makes me think about moths...

  2. I've put the trap out Ian, unusual as I don't normally trap two nights in a row. I should have said that I have seen ten other species today - Red Admiral, Peacock, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Grayling, Comma, Large White, Speckled Wood, Common Blue, Large Skipper. Feels like something from my childhood.

  3. Numerous Painted Ladies in my garden this afternoon too, but it's a northerly wind here, supposed to switch to southerly tomorrow. I probably won't trap tonight, it'll give the wasps a rest. A solitary Dark Sword-grass was the only immigrant in my traps last night, I don't include a pristine Silver Y and Diamond-back because they may well have been bred locally.

  4. There has also been a big influx of Bedstraw Hawkmoths alongside the Painted Ladies - mostly into NE England and Scotland. Kevin Hewitt in western Monmouthshire caught one last night. Keep trapping, even on northerly winds, as Bedstraw Hawks are long-lived and could easily be in your area already!!