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Friday, 2 August 2019

Some new moths and a photography challenge

I was keen to see what the night had brought me - another Pyla fusca, too boring to photograph, two Tachystola acroxantha, Rosy Minor and three species of Yellow Underwing. I was pleased to see my second Small Wainscot - the handsome rufous variant this time.
And my first Scarce Footman, tightly rolled.

My first Gold Spangle was a real pleasure. I preferred the leaf to my usual slate.
And I am pretty sure this is a worn Gothic - certainly the size is right.
And a technical challenge, one that I did not fully match up to, photographing Apple Leaf Miner, so small I can hardly see it!

Lastly, further to my putative Willow Ermine, I caught this Orchard Ermine last night - slightly less regular dot pattern, slightly different grey shading and a different dot pattern at the end of the wing.

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