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Monday, 5 August 2019

Plenty of compensation


Like Ian, I was praying for Bedstraw Hawkmoth on Saturday night at Cnwc; sadly (for VC44) the one the moth-gods had assigned me overshot, and appeared at Dingestow (VC35) the following night. Anyway, the Cnwc-y-llwyn trap did very nicely, with 135 species. Highlights were two firsts for Cnwc: Blue-bordered Carpet and Catoptria falsella. Supporting cast were Dotted Carpet, Prays ruficeps & Hypsopygia costalis (all 2nds for Cnwc), August Thorn, Agriphila inquinatella, Epinotia ramella & Phycita roborella (3rds) and Agriphila latistria & Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (4ths). A Rusty Dot Pearl and a few Plutella and Silver Y were the only migrants noted.

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  1. Catopria falsella is one that I`ve been on the look-out for, but no luck (it`s one that Mel also had near Llangain, if I remember correctly). Cnwc certainly did well on the crambid front.
    Bedstraw hawk-moth at Dingestow (not long after pine hawk-moth too)...what can I say! Is there something in the `Dingestow air`? Well done.