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Monday, 12 August 2019

New Migrant for Maenol

Resting on the 22W green synergetic trap this morning, a distinctive moth that I believe to be Palpita vitrealis:

Definitely a new record for the site.  Two actinic traps were out last night, it rained hard during the early evening but I decided to mop the traps down and leave them out - fortunately!  I haven't inspected the contents yet, will blog later if there's anything further of interest.


  1. Lucky you - I've never caught Palpita at Cnwc or Dingestow. It's the 6th Carmarthenshire record. Well done for persisting.

  2. Thank you both. It certainly made my day. A couple of Rush Veneers and a Silver Y were the only others in the traps qualifying for immigrant status, but there are still numerous Painted Ladies rushing around the garden.

  3. Just seen this - a top-notch excellent result Chris! It`s a lovely moth that I once had at Pwll, which seems to be a better trapping site than my current suburban location - competition with scores of street lamps and floodlight-grade security lighting on a nearby school does n`t help.
    I trapped the same night as you but had very mediocre results, with just the `regulars` in one trap and only ONE moth on the side of my MV. However, the latter was arguably a good result, as I`d forgotten to switch on the MV! How dull can you get?...

  4. Thanks Ian. Yes, it's a stunning moth. I did learn of your record in 2014 through the search facility, and the more recent one from Graig Farm. It's possible that more migrants will turn up in the next week or two, there were plenty of Painted Ladies in the garden yesterday. Once here, they seem to hang around for a while. I sympathise with your failure to switch the trap on, quite often I set a trap up early, then settle in front of the TV and forget about it until after dark.

  5. Top marks for you Chris! Splendid moth, well done.

    1. Thanks Steve, it's good to know that you're still keeping in touch with what's occurring.

  6. Only just got the internet here Chris, so trying to catch up.