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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Miscellaneous moths - Part 2

Just a quick visual update (with brief text) of some of the trapping results for 1st & 2nd August at my two home garden traps. Good numbers of diamond-back moths (21), 7 silver y`s and one rusty-dot pearl. Also good numbers of black arches, several small wainscots, a female 4-spotted footman and a painted lady in the trap. Strong and warm southerlies at present (c 3.00 pm), so the traps will be out tonight.
                                                           Above: magpie moth.
                                 Above: Pammene aurita - its larvae feed on sycamore seeds.
            Above: Digivalva pulicariae - its larvae feed on common fleabane and hemp agrimony.
                                          Above: Epinotia ramella - associated with birch.
                                           Above: Rhyacionia pinicolana - a pine associate.
Above: I`m keeping an eye (or two!) on you! - rusty-dot pearl... left-click on pic and check out its eyes.
Above: finally, a rushed shot of one of almost 30 painted ladies feeding at Verbena bonariensis flowers in the garden yesterday.

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