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Saturday, 10 August 2019

Maenol Update

I managed to trap on a few nights, before the weather became unsuitable, using actinic lights, no MV since the wasp infestation.  I think that the wasp problem has now been sorted, so the MV trap will go out as soon as the weather cheers up.

Meanwhile, an unfamiliar caterpillar turned up outside my greenhouse last week:

Unfortunately it was dead on arrival, and a bit mutilated (head partly detached), but bore bright orange hairs, with raised tufts at the anterior end.  About 15mm long.  Any suggestions as to identity would be welcome.

Other notable arrivals included what I assume to be a dark form of Pinion-streaked Snout.  It seems to be the right size and shape, but lacks any of the usual wing markings:

The last trapping session, on Wednesday night, yielded about 200 moths, almost half of which were LYUs.  Possible immigrant species were Silver Y, Diamond-back, Rusty-dot Pearl, and Rush Veneer, nothing more exciting than that.  Notable others included Small Argent and Sable and Yellow-barred Brindle:

Last but not least, a tortricid which I believe to be Apotomis semifasciana, aka Short-barred Marble - a very appropriate name:


  1. The potential snout doesn't look right to me - I wonder whether it might be Pyrausta despicata? Apotomis semifasciana is relatively uncommon, and a nice record.

  2. Thank you Sam. You may well be right about the 'snout', I wasn't entirely happy with it. It's a great shame that I didn't think to look at the hindwings, which might have given it away. Too late now. I was confident about the Apotomis after posting it on F/B and getting support from, among others, George Tordoff.

  3. I'm pretty confident that is despicata.

    The caterpillar is a dried out Knot Grass (it looks like it might have been parasitised).

    1. Thanks George. Yes, despicata does seem like the most likely option. The caterpillar did look to have been 'sucked dry'.