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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

The MV trap will shine no more at Cwmllwyd. Almost fatal injuries sustained by the wife, along with some heart stopping moments (quite literally) for me, have persuaded us that we must come off the mountain to somewhere that has better access to necessary amenities, down in the valley. The move is imminent - 12th August - and we are now so busy that there will be no more trapping anywhere for a while. I have, however, been able to negotiate occasional access to a site close to Cwmllwyd, albeit just across the border in SN71. Such usage will be highly valued, but is likely to be infrequent.

There have been some great moth-moments here during the last six years, but without doubt, the most important of all was the discovery of the Carmarthenshire Moth and Butterfly Group. I cannot thank everyone in the Group highly enough for their collective expertise, their willingness to help newcomers and novices and for sharing their experiences on this blog.

May I now indulge in sharing some moments with you from Cwmllwyd and Y Mynydd Du?

I was fortunate to be the 1st to offer a photo of Autumn Green Carpet to the group, for there had been many earlier records and there have been several more since! This is a later shot, for the 1st was not very good!

This was the 1st accepted shot of Haworth's Minor in the county - rather a battered moth and not too well photographed, I think.

 The first moth that I trapped on The Black Mountain was this Light Knot Grass.

Five of these Grey Scalloped Bar moths in two sessions on the mountain, 10 nights apart caused a minor sensation as they were 1st for the county.

This Barred Sallow was another 1st for the county and another moth rather the worse for wear.

Rather inappropriately named, I think: Northern Drab.

On the mountain, my favourite micro - Pleurota bicostella.

So that's my last post for a while: but be warned, I shall be watching this space and may be commenting and I hope to be trapping again soon - somewhere.


  1. Steve, that's desperately sad news. You have my sincere condolences for the circumstances leading to your decision, I can't imagine how distressing it must be for yourself and your wife to be leaving Cwmllwyd. Your contributions to the Carms moth-ing community will be greatly missed by us all, the seven photos above provide a vivid illustration of how important they have been. Please do keep an eye on the blog, your comments are invaluable, and every good fortune in whatever lies ahead. Very best wishes, Chris

  2. Steve. In my usual rush I firstly just looked at your pics (without reading the texts) and thought, " Crikey, he did well last night!"
    Obviously, I have now read the text and may I too wish you and your wife my sincere best wishes at your new home. It must be a wrench leaving such a locality as Cwmllwyd but we all have to be practical as we get older. I`m sure that you will enjoy making a new moth list at your new garden.

  3. Best wishes, have a successful move.

  4. Thank you both so much. Yes, it will be difficult to leave Cwmllwyd for the last time, but there will be new opportunities as well. We have to be positive: we will be released from the unending damned hard work that is needed to maintain our smallholding and it's depressing to see the many jobs that I simply cannot do anymore. So let some younger and eager folk take over and we will be content knowing that the massive improvements that we believe we have made over time will enable them to make a similar contribution and to love the place, just as we do.

  5. It sounds as though you have chosen your successors at Cwmllwyd, which is excellent - please impress on them what a gem of a smallholding it is! As others have said, your contribution to Carmarthenshire mothing has been great: you have scored considerably more new Macros for the county than me, for a start.

    Perhaps you should consider our mothing coverage map when you're house hunting: we could do with a keen moth'er in the towns of Ammanford, Llandeilo or Llandovery. Even a flat roof or window box can support a Heath Trap.

    Good luck and stay well!

  6. Thanks very much Sam. We're going to Ffairfach; about 2.5 km from Llandeilo and I have a Heath trap as well as the Robinson. Please be assured that I will do my best!

  7. Ffairfach....a good choice Steve - and I`m talking in moth terms! You`ll have some nice moths there, I`m sure - wanderers from the Tywi floodplain, from ancient woodland at Dinefwr or from Coed Tregyb. Of course you`ll miss the Cwmllwyd mountain moths, as I now miss various wetland or other moths that I used to get at Pwll.
    We look forward to your first early autumn catch and all best wishes with the house move too.

  8. Good luck with your move, I hope it all goes well and that you are back mothing in the not too distant future

  9. Really sorry to hear the news about your wife and hope she will make a full recovery. Pleased to hear you will continue to trap at your new place.