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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Caterpillars from Outer Space

That was my reaction on first seeing these hatchlings this morning!  The black eggs appeared on egg boxes in a trap on 14/15th August, and I had no idea what species of moth had produced them.  Only 20 species of moth were recorded that night so it shouldn't have taken me long to establish which were likely to produce black eggs, but I didn't do the necessary research.   As it happens, a Sallow Kitten was in the catch that night.

That apart, trapping on two nights during the last week - Friday and Sunday - has not produced anything exciting, in spite of recording 40+ species on both occasions.  The high spot for me was the arrival of a brace of Acleris emargana, not an uncommon species by any means but nonetheless interesting on account of its distinctive shape.

                                                                  Acleris emargana

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