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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Brownfield Brown Argus

Late yesterday afternoon I popped over to a small brownfield site at the erstwhile and long-gone Morfa de-tinning Works site, on the southern edge of Llanelli, with the motive to check some poplars for leaf-mines. Most of the foliage was either too high up or inaccessible (across wide drainage `pills`), making that mission a failure.
Whatever, I spotted a female brown argus and was able to have a good look at the underside to i/d it, viewing the disposition of the spots on the forewings which, in this species, are no closer than midway to body. This can be seen in my first photo. I was actually `lined-up` ready to take a decent close-up of the partially closed wings when I realised that my camera was on the wrong function and, in moving my hand ever-so-carefully to change it, `spooked` the butterfly and off it flew!

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