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Monday, 15 July 2019

Sunday was good.

Any night that includes a visit by one of these has got to be good:

Oak Eggar

Just one of the 72 species in or around the Robinson MV trap in the "garden" at Cwmllwyd this morning. A first for the year; there were a dozen FFYs in fact - here are a few of the others:

Beautiful Snout

Rosy Footman

Bird-cherry Ermine

Willow Tortrix

And last, but by no means least and a first ever for me, Blomer's Rivulet!


  1. Blomer`s rivulet is a really good record of this wych elm feeder.

  2. It's very odd, though - Cwmllwyd is a million miles from the nearest Wych Elm.

    1. Moths move around ie disperse in search of new habitat (or new wych elms) in hot weather.
      I`d expect that you`d find wych elms in the wooded cwm below Nant- fforchog.

  3. Thanks Ian. I accept that my estimate of the distance to the nearest Wych Elm could be excessive; it could be two or three miles fewer than stated. I use the road at Nant-fforchog frequently and have never seen any Wych Elm in the wood along the roadside. Not definitive I know, but I favour your dispersal suggestion, I think.

  4. Well done on Blomer's Rivulet, Steve. I've seen the moth several times at Orielton Field Centre, but not at home, and I've no idea whether there's any Wych Elm around here. Beautiful Snout is a good catch, too, a lovely moth.