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Monday, 15 July 2019

Sunday night moths...

The two garden traps left out on Sunday night (14/7) yielded a decent harvest of moths this morning, with ample variety and numbers. It was a mix of good `bread-and-butter` records rather than anything particularly exciting; moths included privet hawk-moth, yellow-tails, slender brindle, tawny-barred angle, coronet, four-spotted footman (five males), red-necked footman, Argolamprotes micella, Pammene fasciana (nine rather than the usual ones or twos), diamond-back moths (4) and a `dusky longhorn beetle` Arhoplaus rusticus in one of the traps. There was also an `invasion` of water veneers Acentria ephemerella from one of the coastal water bodies, with an estimated 50+.

                                                              Above: slender brindle.
                                           Above: one of the five male four-spotted footmen.
                                                                     Above: coronet.
Above: Arhopalus rusticus (aka `dusky longhorn beetle`) was in the actinic trap. The larvae feed on pine.

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