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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

New moths and id challenges

A warm and cloudy night brought some new species to the trap last night as well as some welcome returners.
A gorgeous Black Arches was  a very welcome return visitor.
A new macro was this Round-winged Muslin - quite an odd little moth.

Another returner was a tiny well marked noctuid, which I believe to be Cloaked Minor. Any ideas?
I was puzzled by this next moth until I understood what the dorsal view was telling me - it's not a torticid!
I believe this is Acrobasis marmorea, new to my trap!

And finally a new Tortix, but which one? I'm pretty sure its Endothenia and leaning towards marginana - what do you think?


  1. Yes, to all your dets in my opinion Adam, though I can`t be 100% sure re Endothenia marginana v gentianaeana - size would help as gentianaeana is bigger than marginana. Also male marginea would have whitish hind-wings. But looking at it I would personally tend towards marginana.
    All are really excellent photos.

  2. Note that I mis-spelt `marginana` as `marginea` in the 2nd sentence...I saw it literally just as I pressed the publish button! You can`t edit comments, hence this correction.

  3. Interestingly I caught my first ever Round-winged Muslin on the same night.

  4. The Endothenia was noticeably small which reinforced my wobbly opinion. Round-winged Muslin is an odd little moth Jane.

    1. It is isn't it? I thought it was a micro at first and wasted time.....

  5. If the Endothenia was that `noticeably small` then E. oblongana also possibly comes into the equation but, having said that, the colouration etc still looks more like marginana to me.

  6. Colour and pattern didn't look right for Oblongana