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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Near Drefach

I trapped at my girlfriend's house not far from Drefach for the 1st time on friday night. I only had my 12V actinic heath trap and the battery doesn't last the whole night so 51 moths of 35 species wasn't too bad.

Highlights were a heart & club, red-necked footman, dot moth, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, brown china-mark and a diamond-back. I also had a few crambids including delunella, lacustrata and mercurella. Is this a form of mercurella?
Also this mayfly - can anyone identify it please? Green drake (Ephemera danica) maybe?
This time with picture...


  1. Lovely Red-necked Footman photo and a good moth Vaughn. I can't identify the mayfly though!

  2. It's certainly very ephemeral, I'd suggest Ephemera ephemerissima. I'm passing on the crambid though, it's a very drab one.

  3. Welcome back to Carms!
    I`d suggest a rather worn mercurella as probably the best fit for your crambid.
    Don`t do mayflies!

  4. Thanks Ian, i can't promise it'll be a regukar thing I'm afraid!

  5. The crambid is a rather dark lacustrata - note outer white band is interrupted and does not form a white X with the band inside it.