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Thursday, 11 July 2019

More of Tuesday's Moths

A couple of Tortrix species.

The very pretty Variegated Golden Tortrix, a first for me:

Two forms of Aleimma loeflingiana, which I have recorded before:

Lathronympha strigana on its food plant, Perforate St John's Wort, of which there's plenty in my garden:

Generally speaking I avoid 'social media', but several Facebook Groups are particularly useful for help with identifying moths.  'Recording Moths' and 'UK Micromoth Identification' were consulted on the ones I posted in my last blog, and needed help with.  As a result I am happy to record Anarsia spartiella, but not the Tischeriid, the advice being that dissection would be required to be sure (although I agree with Ian that Tischeria ekebladella seems the most likely candidate).

The identity of the grey noctuid has not been resolved so far, which is disappointing.

Even though the condition of the moth was far from ideal, I felt that there might be enough detail in the photographs to form some idea, particularly for anyone familiar with Dusky Brocade or Confused which I thought were likely candidates (the former has been recorded plenty of times in the County).  In particular, I noted the black wedge-like marks in front of the outer cross-line which, according to the description in Chris Manley's book, is a feature of Confused.  Perhaps someone might venture an opinion, even if it's not a definitive one?


  1. Nice shots, but I haven't a clue!

  2. I can see what you mean by the black triangular markings forward of the outer cross-line Chris.
    However, reading the excellent text in the Clancy guide (I`ve recommended this book previously) it says that the reniform stigma is more crescentic in confused and the orbicular stigma is also smaller and more rounded in that species. If you compare those features in your moth they seem to me instead closer to that of dusky brocade but, as always, I may be wrong and I can see that it has a bit of `the look` of confused. That`s all I can offer.
    I`ve had confused in the past (specimens conf by JSB) including semi-upland localities similar to where you live.