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Friday, 26 July 2019

Moorland wanderers

Like Steve I had several moorland/heathland wanderers among the 144 moth species I logged at Cnwc on 25/7, and like Steve I estimated numbers because counting 100+ mixed Eudonia before I left at 08:00 was impossible. Highlights among the 99 species of Macro were my first Cnwc imago Privet Hawkmoth, first White-line Dart (new to inland VC44), first Smoky Wave, first Small Purple-bar (flew off when I released it from the pot for photographing), 2nd Northern Eggar, 3rd Round-winged Muslin and 2 Ling Pug. Star Micros were Evergestis forficalis new for Cnwc, the 2nd Cnwc Mirificarma mulinella and Agriphila selasella, and 3rd Eudemis profundana and Hedya ochroleucana. No migrants had made it this far west, but with such a bumper haul of local wanderers I wasn't complaining!







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  1. Cnwc totals are now up to 329 Macro, 307 Micro & 23 Butterfly. Pwll topped 700 Moths under Ian's tenure, and Pembrey is over 930 following detailed work by Jon Baker and several other recorders.