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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Maenol 5/6 July

Only one trap was used last night, a large Heath-type with a green synergetic lamp.  96 moths of 29 species were recorded, over half of them of two species/types: Heart & Dart and Uncertain/Rustic.

A surprise arrival was a Vestal:

Also of note were FFYs Anania coronata, Small Emerald, and Small Dotted Buff.

               Anania coronata                            Small Dotted buff


  1. Well done re the vestal Chris, a species that you do well with.
    Not `migrant-rich` here in SE Carms at present eg I`ve only seen one silver y (by day).

  2. I think that we must be on the Vestal flight path here, Ian.

  3. I had a Vestal last night too.