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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Last Out of the Box

I have a B and B guest here for a few days who is interested and knowledgeable about  natural history. However he is rather daunted by moths so joined me this morning to sort the moth trap, luckily lots of interesting species for a beginner, Poplars, Elephants , Brimstone, Ruby Tiger, Black Arches, some nice micros, Bird Cherry Ermine, Catopria pinella and others. Almost the last out of the trap was a small nondescript  moth that I didn't really recognise and quickly potted. Turned out to be a Large Tabby as confirmed by Ian. I also had a Grass Emerald, new for me.
My guest has already asked to see tomorrows catch and is looking at moth traps!!!! Another convert methinks!

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