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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Good numbers and variety

There was good variety (and fair numbers) in the two garden moth traps last night (Monday 22/7) but, again, nothing of great excitement. Catopria pinella, Endothenia flammealis, Dioryctia simpliciella, Argolamprotes micella, Batia lunaris, Pammene fasciana were among the micros and bordered beauty, garden tiger, scarce footmen, marbled beauty and privet hawk-moth were some of the macros caught.
Above: A `right handful` or, in this case, a left handful, and an indication of the size of the privet hawk-moth.
                                               Above: the pyralid Endotrichia flammealis.
                                              Above: a different view of a plain golden y.
Above: scarce footmen (new - I think - for this garden site. I used to get them from time-to-time at Pwll).
                                                           Above: marbled beauty.

Hot southerly winds will tempt me to re-trap tonight in spite of likely thunderstorms, with the `long-shot` hope of luring a scarce or rare migrant. The only migrants last night were two silver y`s.


  1. Great moths and very fine photos, Ian.

    1. Thank you Steve. I`m hoping to get something `good and migratory` over the next few nights, perhaps with the best chance tonight, with the hot, thundery weather coming over from the south - it`s a long shot though! I`m envious of migrant `goodies` caught elsewhere.
      Good luck if you also trap.

  2. Lovely, the trap's out and I'm defying the weather.

  3. oh also great pics of moths lan