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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Cwmlwyd 9th July 2019

Just a few pix from last night's collection - Dot Moth is the odd one out, for I found one at the end of June, too, but it's not a common moth here. All the others are firsts for 2019.

 Catoptria margaritella - quite common up here

 Minor Shoulder-knot

 Single-dotted Wave

 Dot Moth

 Anania (Phlyctaenia) stachydalis

Burnished Brass

Other FFYs worth a mention were Swallow-tailed Moth, Fan-foot and Epiblema rosaecolana.

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  1. Are you inundated with grass moths, Steve? I am! There's been a lot of haymaking around here lately (including us), conditions have been so good for it, so maybe that's got something to do with the population explosion. More very nice pix, by the way.