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Friday, 26 July 2019


My previous post regarding trapping at Cwmllwyd on the 24th July would have been a wee bit excessive with more pictures, so I thought I would post them today. Among all the other species there were several Footmen (Footmans ?) and I crave your indulgence while I share them.

Common Footman (x2)

Dingy Footman (x9) - all the others were the more usual pale form

Buff Footman (x2)

Scarce Footman (also x2)

And a favourite of mine, Rosy Footman (x3).


  1. Very pleased to get my first Rosy Footman a couple of nights ago. She is my new favourite moth!

  2. Stunning little moths aren't they, Jane? Well done.

  3. No cravings for indulgence needed, Steve, that's an impressive line-up of Footmen for a single night. I've yet to have Scarce Footman here although Sam's list suggests that it's by no means scarce in the county, and we had plenty of them in Pembs this week.