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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

A rather desultory micro-hunt

This afternoon I ventured down to the NE part of Pembrey Burrows (near Pembrey Old Harbour) to search for various upper saltmarsh leaf-miners and Coleophora, but a combination of the heat and lack of any luck shortened the foray.
I did, however notice several mines of Chrysoethia sexguttella on orache Atriplex sp., rather than one of my target species, its relative C. druella - which I would have preferred to find!

 Looking back eastwards, with Pembrey Old Harbour just beyond the bushes in the right foreground.
             A leaf of Atriplex with the C. sexguttella mine, frass and the outline of the larva visible.
                                                    The larva with the mine opened up.

A couple of grayling butterflies were a bonus sighting.

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