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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

A pleasing catch...

It was a pleasing nice mix of moths that awaited me from last night`s (8/7) garden trapping session, nothing really outstanding but some worthy records. Broad-barred white, Pammene fasciana, and Argolamprotes micella were all repeats of uncommon Carmarthenshire moths, whilst the appearance of turnip moth  was another useful record.  All were backed up with a decently-varied assemblage of more frequent species.

     Above: a broad-barred white and lime-speck pug, against a suburban concrete background.
Above: at first glance, this lime-speck pug (the same individual as in the previous photo) may look worn but actually it a rather pale moth with more subtle markings than usual. Click on pic to see.

Above: Pammene fasciana - feeding (as a caterpillar) on acorns or sweet chestnuts, this moth could be using either tree locally, as both fringe part of my garden.

                                                               Above: turnip moth.
                Above: one of the backdrop of commoner moths, a rather nicely-marked green arches.

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