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Thursday, 11 July 2019

A brief post (10/7) ...

The forecast was heavy rain last night (Met Office) or light rain (BBC). Planning for the former I put out just one trap (MV), under the purpose-built shelter that I had made late last summer; however, it seems that the BBC forecast turned out to be the more accurate one. I did not put my mains actinic on its usual flat-roof site as rain would result in scores of wet, descaled moths on the flat-roof, many to be drowned and others `ready food` for birds. So, it was just the one MV trap.

There was a fair mix of moths awaiting me, including a couple of FFYs, but nothing particularly exciting though Hypsopygia glaucinalis added another record of this increasing pyralid.

                                      Above: an in situ `record shot` of the Hypsopygia.
                  Above: one of the FFYs, a black arches, resting on the trap shelter frame.

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  1. Inspired by the picture of your moth trap shelter which you posted a while ago, I set my husband to make one. It had its first outing on Wendesday night, which as you say, looked good for mothing but with variable amounts of rain forecast.It worked very well - my best catch so far this year - and not only does it keep the bulb safe, it keeps the box dry so the moths don't get wet. The only problem was that it was such a mild morning that moths were shooting out everywhere when I tried to process the trap including about 20 loud revving Elephant Hawk-moths!