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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Narrow-bordered 5-spot burnet - imago

Readers will recall the caterpillars of this species found very recently near Burry Port. I took two pupae home with me in order to see a confirmed adult as they are difficult to i/d as adults and determination is best achieved by rearing from the very hairy caterpillars.
One awaited me when I returned from shopping this morning and the other one is now emerging. This species is new to Carmarthenshire.
I missed out on trapping last night (I could have easily done so), but I`ve got my two garden traps set up ready for this evening, so `fingers crossed`. Indeed, I have n`t trapped for a while due to the weather and also falling out of the routine; I have been doing some daytime mothing though.

                                             Above: two photos of the same adult moth.

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