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Monday, 3 June 2019

Moths at Saron

I have had a Hummingbird Hawkmoth here for the last 3 days visiting the valarian outside the house.

A first for me here are the Figure of Eighty and Beautiful Brocade pictured below.

I was rather confused by this one, despite having had it before (thanks Norman Lowe for your help!) - the Common Lutestring.


  1. I`ve never seen a beautiful brocade. Well done.

  2. I'm afraid I don't think Sally has either - it looks like Pale-shouldered to me. There aren't any confirmed Carmarthenshire records of Beautiful Brocade, just 5 pended ones by Jon Baker very early in his mothing career (he pended them) and one without a photo by Steve Clarke. The ID features are rather tricky, but include the shapes of the stigma marks, the exact shape of the outermost pale line. I may be wrong though!

  3. Thanks Sam, so shall I record as a Pale-shouldered then?