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Thursday, 27 June 2019

More Quantity than Quality

Tuesday night was very busy, the  combination of MV and actinic traps attracted 367 moths of 75 species, and I was sure that there would be something of particular interest.  However the numbers were flattering, I too was bombarded with hosts of grass moths of the most common type, along with numerous Heart & Darts, and plenty of tiny grey jobs (which, sadly, I've decided to ignore from now on - they weren't counted).  Also, the Large Yellow Underwing season has started, and Uncertain/Rustics have started to appear.  The one highlight of the session was a new record for my patch, Map-winged Swift, of which there were two, one in each trap:

County records show that this is by no means a scarce species, so it's quite surprising that it's taken ten trapping seasons for this attractive moth to appear for me.  Never mind, it has now.

'Migrants' were represented by a single Silver Y, but the HBHM continues to visit my Red Valerian, and this morning I tripped over a Rush Veneer on the patio outside my back door.

It was not in a very good state, perhaps it was recovering from a long journey.

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