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Sunday, 23 June 2019

More big cats....

Following Chris Manley`s very recent posting of a scarlet tiger, I too have been recording `big cat` moths with a feline-themed name - the leopard moth. Two were in my garden actinic last night (22/6), no doubt one of the dividends of being located adjacent to mature mixed woodland; at Pwll I`d only recorded it (as a singleton) on one occasion.

 Above: last night`s leopard moths. The thorax looks as if its made of cotton wool - left-click on pic to enlarge.

A moth that was a regular at my Pwll garden traps was the southern wainscot and it provided my wainscot contribution for last night; it is perhaps most frequently recorded as a coastal species in Carmarthenshire. The front of the thorax immediately behind its head has two bands, thereby helping identification.

                          Above: southern wainscot; note the `banding` in the 2nd photo.

Another moth that was fairly regular at Pwll was the waved carpet and it was encouraging to note that they too are at my new wood-edge garden trap site; a photo of last night`s individual is shown immediately below:

Two species that could be considered `suburbanites`, as their food-plants (cypress and privet) are often grown in gardens, are cypress carpet and Clepsis consimilana, they were among the 42 species noted from my two traps (one actinic, the other MV) last night.

                              Above: cypress carpet (top) and Clepsis consimilana (bottom).

In all, it was a worthwhile night to trap and I am glad that others also had success.


  1. Lovely Leopard Moths, Ian! I haven't seen one since my golf partner lost his ball on a golf course in Yorkshire about 20 years ago, and we came across one in the (very) rough whilst searching for the ball.

  2. Great moths there, Ian. Looks like your new site is a goody!

  3. Wow! I've never seen a Lepard Moth. What a fantastic creature.
    I trapped last night, and had a good catch including 17 mixed elephants, they have arrived at last!

  4. Thanks Steve and Jane.
    Jane...your home patch is good for the smaller, scarcer elephant. I recall lots at the lead mine site.